Bryant Furnace Lines

When winter calls, the Model 310 responds with energy saving, low noise operation. You can enjoy the warm temperature inside your home knowing your new furnace is more gas efficient than an older model you may be replacing. Reduced noise from the burner, inducer and fan collectively make this a rather quiet addition to your home, allowing you to relax in peace.

Comfort Components For Long-lasting Durability
  • Secondary Condensing Heat Exchanger Extends heat transfer for higher efficiency. It is protected by our patented Everlastic coating for long lasting durability. This component is backed by our lifetime limited warranty.
  • Variable Speed Blower Features a direct-drive motor that operates with precision to deliver quiet, dependable heating and improved humidity control.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality is the benefit provided with our standard air cleaner cabinet accessory. When installed as a part of your system, this cabinet allows for easy and convenient addition of a Bryant high-efficiency air filter.  
  • Two Stages of Heating provided by our two-stage gas valve. Low-stage heating is used up to 90% of the time for smooth, consistent comfort. High-stage heating provides an extra boost during extreme winter conditions.
  • Smart Operation with our patented furnace control board means your family will always enjoy the best combination of comfort and economy. Just set the thermostat and let our “smart” electronics do the rest. This advanced control board is the key to Fan On Plus, Bryant’s adjustable constant fan function.
  • Seasonal Tips- Winter As the heating season approaches, we suggest that you check your heating system before the winter turns cold. Start your heating system to check for unusual noises and to ensure that your system heats when started. This is also a good time to replace the filter.
  • To ease wintertime dry indoor heat conditions, try adding a source of humidity to your entire home. We recommend Aprilaire humidifiers to help make your home more comfortable.
  • Important Facts Keep the area around your furnace free of combustible materials, gasoline, and other flammable liquids and vapors. Do not store items near it or block the flow of fresh air to the unit in any way.