Consulting and Design

In this fast paced society, imagine going to your personal haven, a place where time stands still. We can help you create a bathroom that will accomplish that for you. Exclusive custom design is our specialty. Our skilled staff will take your wants, needs and desires and in return cater to you with products that are unique in their engineering and elegance. Whether you are looking for a custom shower, a “take me away” whirlpool or handicap accessible tub/shower, we can help you find what fits your style.

Our experienced team at Bath and Kitchen Consulting & Design, Inc. will work with you directly on every stage of the design and installation process. We will develop and build a design, based on your goals and incorporate them into a customized space that reflects you, your lifestyle, and personality. Our full-service approach will ensure that your custom project is completed to perfection.

Whether you own a 5-year old home or a hundred-year old home, we can find fixtures to fulfill your dreams. We will come to your home, and with your help, we will design your bathroom to make your dreams reality.

We are able to retrofit your bath and shower units, make your home handicap accessible, install a whirlpool, or you may want to have a custom shower with body sprays and/or steam.

If your desire is to relocate your water closet, rearrange your entire bathroom or design a lower level bathroom we have the experienced staff that can professionally re-route the plumbing. Don’t forget about your kitchen. We have many options available for sinks, faucets and other fun accessories in several finishes.

We have connections with many local professionals who will facilitate the carpentry, electrical, flooring and custom tiling needs. We will work together to get your project finished in a professional and timely manner.