Air Conditioning

Comfort Components For Long-lasting Durability
  • Secondary Condensing Heat Exchanger Extends heat transfer for higher efficiency. It is protected by our patented Everlastic coating for long lasting durability. This component is backed by our lifetime limited warranty.
  • Variable Speed Blower Features a direct-drive motor that operates with precision to deliver quite, dependable heating and improved humidity control.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality is the benefit provided with our standard air cleaner cabinet accessory. When installed as a part of your system, this cabinet allows for easy and convenient addition of a Bryant high-efficiency air filter.  
  • Two Stages of Heating provided by our two-stage gas valve. Low-stage heating is used up to 90% of the time for smooth, consistent comfort. High-stage heating provides an extra boost during extreme winter conditions.
  • Smart Operation with our patented furnace control board means your family will always enjoy the best combination of comfort and economy. Just set the thermostat and let our “smart” electronics do the rest. This advanced control board is the key to Fan On Plus, Bryant’s adjustable constant fan function.

The Evolution of Comfort

When combined with a Two-Speed Puron Plus air conditioner or heat pump and the Evolution Control, the Plus 90i provides the ultimate in comfort and energy savings. With the Evolution System, you can enjoy enhanced comfort provided by variable speed technology, such as longer heating and cooling cycles for consistent temperatures throughout your home, money-saving energy efficiency and extra-quite operation. The Evolution System can be configured to meet your year-round comfort needs. It’s a total system solution, designed, built and backed by the most trusted name in comfort: Bryant.

Seasonal Tips - Spring

Before starting your cooling system keep your exterior-condensing unit free of debris by washing the condensing unit with a garden hose by using a high-pressure nozzle. Please shut off power at breaker before cleaning. It is also recommended that you replace your disposable air filter monthly.

Seasonal Tips - Summer

Although dust and pollen are prevalent during the summer months, an air cleaning system is an efficient way to control these and other pollutants. To get the job done, we have multiple high efficient air cleaners available. Contact us for more information.